When Books Can Fly

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore (2011)

I have been so fascinated and absorbed by the everything in the video, absolutely fantastic.  The illustrations are brilliant with all the details. I have watch it for an uncountable number of times. I guess this tells us we all have a true calling for each one of us. Every book tells a story and every story is how we live our lives.

Encore for “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore” and thank you for the uploaded by senguntr.


There is Nothing Like a Good Read

Before digital magazines, there was nothing like having a good book, newspaper or magazine in our hands and flipping through each page. Luckily for us print is still alive and we can still enjoy true reading luxury. Reading is a luxury for all but there are many who do not know appreciate the value.

Print publishers were originally in horror when the websites became popular they were worrying about losing the battle to digital media but lo and behold, with digital media comes digital magazines and this even gave print publishers the ultimate boost in audience and readership.

Personally I still prefer to hold the publication in my hands, feel the quality of the paper and appreciate the printing techniques.  I have an ipad, yes it’s trendy and convenient to carry, plenty of stuff to chose and do on it but it’s not a book, newspaper or magazine.  I guess I am still used to traditional values and have appreciation of how things are made step by step with the hand.

Today we blog and it’s called writing, it’s a convenient way to write I guess which is why I am blogging as well.  I miss having my montblanc (it was stolen from me) between my fingers and writing with it, yes writing with a fountain pen.  Only the other day a printer came to visit me and he took out a fountain pen to write his notes. It caught me by surprise that people still do that.  I have not seen anyone using a fountain pen in many, many moons. Wow, his letters were so well written, there’s typography for you. Oh how I missed my pen.

I am very fortunate to be in the field of media advertising so I have a never ending list of international magazines to read.  It never bothers me that the magazine is of a language I do not know as a picture tells a thousand words.  Every time I read a magazine I feel like I am going on an expedition, seeing, meeting, learning different cultures and ways.  There are so many stories to read and so much knowledge from it. I admire the many writers who have so much talent in what they too and thank them for opening up our minds to endless knowledge from one letter, one word, one page, one book, one newspaper to one magazine.